We appreciate our Awesome Swhole Veg Express friends & family...and to show it we're offering $5 off your purchase after every 5th visit in the store! Every purchase of $10 or more will count towards the promotion. After 5 purchases/punches you can redeem your $5 coupon! Simple as that...and it all happens automatically through our

Square Register so you don't have to concern yourself about another card to keep

in your wallet/purse! Enjoy & hope to see you soon!


If you're a "regular" watch how fast those punches add up and then experience

taking $5 off your entire purchase. That's a BIG deal :) 


Note: To earn punches, customers must provide the same email address or phone number for receipts for each payment completed. Customers will create new punch cards if they provide a new phone number or email address for receipts.

For most credit/debit card payments, phone/email info is automatically associated with the card.