The Soul Vegan Express Restaurant began back in 1997 as a mobile restaurant which at its height operated 3 mobile food trailers throughout the city of Tallahassee!

From 1997 to 2010 we operated on FAMU's campus, Kleman Plaza, SAIL high school (both locations) and Gaines St/Railroad Avenue.

The original team members consisted of Ahmahtsiyah, Nehehmahnyah, Zacoor, Daniella, Zohariah, Emah Hotirah and Prahkeet. Over the years other wonderful team members, volunteers, friends and family have joined the team and are an integral part of our operation.


In the early years the team travelled travelled the country working music and art festivals everywhere from New Orleans, Chicago, Kanasa City, Orlando, Atlanta, Kalamazoo and beyond! It was a wonderful experience and helped us to gain mastery in our profession!

In the summer of 2009 Swhole Veg Express Restaurant acquired it's
current location at 1205 South Adams Street, which includes a take out area, dining room, the Beauty of Sarah natural hair care center, banquet hall and juice bar!

Our goal is to continue to provide delicious vegan cuisine, health & wellness infomation and excellent customer service to those seeking a better way of life!

Eternal thanks is given to the thousands of loyal Swhole Veg Express customers who have supported us in the past and who continue to support us daily!