The Swhole Veg Express Restaurant takes great pride in being able to offer *part time* (10 to 15 hours per week) employment to members of the Tallahassee community. We know how beneficial a positive work environment is for the mind, body & soul and invite you to join our team!

Employment applications are offered in January & September of each year and length of employment periods are usually:

  • January - May (5 months)

  • September - December (4 months)

Shifts at the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant are usually scheduled from:

  • 11am to 3.30pm

  • 3pm to 7.30pm

  • Nutritionist Positions are scheduled from 8am to 12noon!

Job assignments are very simple, yet critical in the successful daily operations of the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant.
Assignments include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping the facility clean/spotless!

  • Providing customers with excellent food service!

  • Providing customers with detailed information about the Soul Veg menu!

  • Washing dishes!

  • Sweeping/Mopping!

  • Preparing food orders for take out & dining in customers.

  • Nutritionist (learning & preparing Soul Veg menu items)

  • Vegetable prep (cutting)

  • Organizing shelves

  • etc.

The dress code for Soul Veg team members is:

  • white pants/shirt for men (shirts can only be a "polo" style short sleeve shirt with collar or a health care industry style "scrub" shirt)

  • white pants/skirts/dresses/shirt for women (shirts can only be a "polo" style short sleeve shirt with collar or a health care industry style "scrub" shirt)

Team members must also have their heads covered at all times while working their shift! (men - white keepah, women - white head wrap)

While working at the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant, all team members must conduct themselves with the highest level of decency, respect and discipline! Thanks & Enjoy!

Please contact Amatsiah @ 850-329-6783 or email: with any questions or comments.


Click on the link to view/print the employment application: