Bio Coffee is Safe For Diabetics To Drink

If you are a diabetic or know someone who has diabetes, Bio Coffee should be on your mind. This healthy, organic coffee substitute is making waves for its amazing taste. Unlike many other food and beverage products, Bio Coffee is completely harmless to those with food sensitivities. Whether you are a vegan or a diabetic, Bio Coffee will not pose a problem.


The drink's primary ingredients are organically grown wheatgrass and organic arabica beans. Its flour regulates the body's absorption of cholesterol and sugar from the various foods that you consume. The result is a prevention of a rapid rise in blood sugar level, making it the perfect drink for those who suffer from diabetes.


What's in Bio Coffee? 


The organically grown wheatgrass in Bio Coffee offers more than just a means of maintaining ideal sugar levels. It is also chock full of magnesium. When magnesium is supplied to the body in a supplemental form, it almost always boosts insulin sensitivity. The latest scientific data shows that magnesium performs a vital role in fighting against the onset of type-2 diabetes. It also serves as a means to prevent nasty complications such as retinopathy, nephropathy and cardiovascular disease.


Bio Coffee also contains critical nutrients, including vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K. There is also zinc, phosphorous, cobalt, iron, calcium and sulphur to help maintain the perfect energy level and the general health of those who suffer from diabetes. 



The Magnesium in Bio Coffee Can Help Fight Against Onset of Type-2 Diabetes


The State of Diabetes in 2015


According to the World Health Organization, the number of deaths caused by diabetes will likely rise by 50 percent across the next decade. Those who live in upper middle income nations will experience an 80 percent increase in total deaths. Diabetes is becoming an epidemic because of the population's general progression toward sedentary lives where very little physical activity occurs.


Type-1 diabetes occurs when there is an insufficient amount of insulin produced in the body. Type-2 diabetes stems from the human body's improper use of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is much more prevalent, accounting for 90 percent of diabetes around the world. There is also a third type of diabetes, known as gestational diabetes. It occurs when the blood sugar increases to unhealthy levels.


Bio Coffee is Diabetic Friendly


Bio Coffee was made with diabetics, vegans and health aficionados in mind. We are well aware of the fact that 1.1 million individuals died in 2005 as a result of diabetes. We strive to offer high quality, healthy and organic products for all types of consumers. Give Bio Coffee a try and you will experience an increase in your quality of life as you relish your elevated energy levels that do not dip like those temporary jolts provided through caffeinated coffee.