Bio Coffee is packed with Vitamins & Nutrients


Most people can't start their day without a cup of coffee, and for good reason. The caffeine in coffee packs an energy boost that many people need to get their day going right. Studies also indicate that coffee helps improve various aspects of brain function and can actually help people live happier.

But despite its benefits, coffee also has some notable drawbacks. Many refer to coffee as the "world's most popular mood-altering drug," as the energy burst that one gets from the caffeine can be addictive. According to Health Ambition, drinking coffee on an empty stomach may also lead to the accelerated production of hydrochloric acid in the body, which can lead to stomach ulcers and heartburn. Finally, big coffee drinkers may experience accelerated heart rate, insomnia, dizziness and other side effects if the caffeine stays within the body for up to seven hours.

For many people, the pros of coffee far outweigh the cons. But what if you could drink a cup of coffee that had all of the pros of a regular cup of coffee and none of the cons? Well you can with a cup of Bio Coffee. Dubbed "the healthiest coffee in the world," this alkaline coffee gives those who consume it all of the benefits of coffee without any of the negatives.


Coffee Without the Crash


Healthy. Organic. Vegan. Nutritious.

These are all characteristics of Bio Coffee, which not only gives people the energy boost they need without the crash, but contains nutritious ingredients that many people don't receive—or don't receive enough of—on a daily basis.
Above all, you won't sacrifice taste to experience any of these healthy benefits. 


"A Cup a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"


You probably don't expect to hear something like this about consuming coffee, but it's true. with Bio Coffee. Bio Coffee helps deliver adequate amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K in addition to other important nutrients like calcium, iron, manganese, sodium, zinc, cobalt and fiber to keep your body working healthier; thanks to its blend of wheat grass, fiber, vitamins and minerals and pre and probiotics.


It's All in the Wheatgrass


Wheatgrass is considered one of nature's super foods and is one of the key ingredients of Bio Coffee. Here's just a sample of how wheatgrass makes the body healthier:

Protein without cholesterol
Anti-aging characteristics
Prevents bacteria growth
Improves healing capabilities

Simply put, a cup of Bio Coffee gives you all of the benefits of regular coffee — and so much more — without any of the cons.