Bio Coffee: What's Inside- Get the Scoop!


Bio Coffee's Ingredients


While Bio Coffee sounds like a complex product created by a mad scientist, it's actually a fairly plain, but tasty way to give your body vitamins, minerals and nutrients conveniently. Bio Coffee contains only a handful of ingredients: instant Arabica coffee powder, wheatgrass powder, non-dairy creamer and oligosaccharide derived from chicory root. This is an all natural, completely vegan, 100 percent organic way to enhance digestion and increase your energy. It contains absolutely no soy, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, gluten or caffeine. Bio Coffee's most important ingredient is wheatgrass. Considered one of nature's super foods, wheatgrass contains about a gram of protein in each teaspoon. It fuels the body with eight essential amino acids and 13 non-essential amino acids. Bio Coffee is also chock full of vitamins including A, B1, C, E and K. There's even 15 mg of calcium, 62 mcg of zinc, 870 mcg of iron and 3.5 mcg of selenium. 



Wheatgrass is green in color thanks to its chlorophyll. This is the chemical commonly found in plants that absorbs the sun's energy and turns it into life. Chlorophyll has a chemical composition similar to hemoglobin so it carries oxygen to the body's blood cells. When your blood receives oxygen, it actually detoxifies.


A Lovely Taste

Bio Coffee tastes great! Give the only alkaline coffee on the market a try today.