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About Soul Veg Tallahassee

Soul Vegan Express Tallahassee specializes in all natural vegan Soul Food! Everything from vegan macaroni & cheese, fresh steamed collard greens & candied vegan lasagna, portabella mushroom burgers, sauteed eggplant and red beans over rice (full menu). We also specialize in delicious gluten free items such as gluten free macaroni & cheese, live/raw food items, gluten free cakes & pies and much more! If you're someone who desires to eat a healthier  more balanced diet, but don't want to compromise on the great taste of  food, then you will love Soul Veg Tallahassee! Look forward to seeing you soon and bring a friend! Shalom!

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Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

Our hand made pizza is brimming with bell peppers, onions, vegan cheese, seasoned soy protein (the meat:) and an awesomely seasoned tomato sauce! The pizza crust is made by Sammy's Bakery in Tampa, Florida who is our exclusive provider of gluten free wraps and pizza crusts! Enjoy a slice or special order and entire pizza today!