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About Soul Veg Tallahassee

Soul Vegan Express Tallahassee specializes in all natural vegan Soul Food! Everything from vegan macaroni & cheese, fresh steamed collard greens & candied vegan lasagna, portabella mushroom burgers, sauteed eggplant and red beans over rice (full menu). We also specialize in delicious gluten free items such as gluten free macaroni & cheese, live/raw food items, gluten free cakes & pies and much more! If you're someone who desires to eat a healthier  more balanced diet, but don't want to compromise on the great taste of  food, then you will love Soul Veg Tallahassee! Look forward to seeing you soon and bring a friend! Shalom!

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Strawberry Vanilla Cake

All of our delicious desserts use unbleached whole wheat flour (quinoa flour for gluten free), raw brown sugar, pure vanilla, soy margarine or soy oil, soy milk and aluminum free baking powder! That's it! Keep it simple and healthy! Enjoy a piece today!